Food and drinks

Bacardí Martini, Mahou San Miguel, Calidad Pascual, Nestlé Purina, Pepsico, Borges International Group, Grupo Miquel, Audens, La Sirena, Mondelez International, Charles Faraud, Corporación Empresarial Pascual, La Fageda, Campofrio, Angulas Aguinaga.

Home care and personal care

Henkel, Colgate Palmolive, P&G, Grupo AC Marca.

Culture, training and media

Grup 62, Grupo Planeta, Zertem, Infinity Media Solutions.

Airlines, tourism and leisure

Gran Casino Costa Brava, Vueling, Orizonia.

Healthcare, pharma and life sciences

Novartis, Telstar, Roche Diagnostics, Laboratorios Viñas, Bimedica, Esteve.


Cebado, Panino Silvestre.

Transport and logistics

MRW, Moventia.


Grupo Lamirsa, Industrias Titan.


Corporación empresarial Pascual, Resa, ICF Institut Català de Finances.

Tomás Pascual Gómez-Cuétara

President of Calidad Pascual

“When you are facing a change in your corporate identity as we did a few years ago in Calidad Pascual, it is important to undertake it with people who understand what you want and know how to turn it into feasible and applicable realities and who know how to transmit the essence of your company into a brand architecture that is recognisable and appreciated by your groups of interest.”

Ana Arroquia

Branding & Advertising Director of Vueling

“Working with Columna is a pleasure: we were at a crossroads for the brand and they helped us redirect it, recover the essence and rebuild the pillars for future growth. With Columna, Vueling is once again “Inspiring our lives”.”

Mª Àngels Valls

Director of Communication and Corporate Marketing at Esteve

“Beyond the capacities and skills befitting a branding company, Columna is unique for the way it interiorises the needs, transforming them into solutions and responding to our challenges, always surpassing the initial expectations.”

Rafa Peces

CEO at BlueSun

“I have grown professionally alongside Columna. Nearly 25 years ago we were able to revitalise the Vernel brand. Some years later, we crossed paths again; on that occasion we worked on the redesign of the entire Mahou range. Finally at Caprabo we faced up to an ambitious project that revised not only the corporate image, but also all the products of the brand itself. My opinion of Columna? The facts speak for themselves.”

Josetxo Soto

Vice President Marketing Danone México

“For me Columna meets all the requisites of a best in class Branding agency:
• they challenge you in strategy and help you improve it.
• they tell you exactly how things are, they are honest.
• Victor Contijoch, Managing Director, is up front and always present.
• the creatives are top quality, and raise the bar in each project.
• they take risks.
• they are passionate and know how to have fun.”